Explained in an interview on Cultural Brilliance Radio! Rehumanizing the Workplace with Emily & Michael Price

Who are Emily and Michael Price?

Emily Price is a Wellbeing Strategist for CBIZ Wellbeing Solutions. As a Thriving Workplace Culture Consultant, she equips clients with ways to both improve employee wellbeing and enhance business performance. Emily’s true passion can be summed up in a simple phrase: helping people thrive. Her efforts to promote optimal wellbeing are lived out in her work as well as her own life. In her spare time, she promotes the benefits of holistic health as a yoga instructor and certified fitness instructor. Her involvement in local, national and international organizations fuel her obsession to empower organizations and leaders to maximize their FULL potential.

Michael Price is a Senior Client Experience Manager at Veterans United Home Loans and has helped military members and their families obtain the goal of home ownership for over ten years. As a leader in customer advocacy, Michael is passionate about enhancing the lives of others and providing genuine care throughout a sometimes-stressful home buying process. Uplifting those around him has helped Michael succeed in leadership roles both personally and professionally. Working at Veterans United has allowed him to experience a living case study on the impact of organizational culture. During his time there, Michael’s growing passion is to be a co-creator of thriving workplace culture. Leading on-site book clubs, captaining a charity cycling team, and serving on the board for Veterans United’s 100% employee funded charitable Foundation provides new and exciting opportunities to contribute.

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What is workplace rehumanization?

Claudette:  What do we mean when we mean rehumanization in the workplace?

Emily:  So, the way I like to describe it is that rehumanization is about nurturing human qualities in an environment where people thrive at work every day, where people spend the majority of their time. So, to me this is about seeing each other as human and fostering trust – incorporating meaning and purpose in our work everyday and living out our values. It’s also about working towards common goals and learning from our mistakes along the way.

As you can imagine, no organization is perfect, and so rehumanization is that charge that helps people work towards thriving culture every single day.

Claudette:  When I’ve heard people talk about rehumanizing the workplace, the emphasis tends to be on relationships, which I know you both emphasize is important. But I think there’s also this other piece around – how do we interact with each other as real humans? We’ll make mistakes, we’ll learn from them, we’re going to have bad days, and things are going to go wrong. It sounds like that’s also part of rehumanizing. Is that the case?

Michael:  Yes, I think so, and when you have that space and an organization for people to breathe and be themselves, you find that you have trouble with a blanket policy or a cultural perspective that’s one size fits all. Just knowing that it’s the faces, it’s the stories, it’s the co-workers, it’s the people that you’re with every day. And each of those persons is going to have a different story and that’s going to cause them to act differently in the workplace, and making that space for that to be okay, which may come with great successes, may come with some mistakes.

But when you take that all-inclusive approach, knowing that people are individuals and that everybody’s got a story and there’s space for that, we just think that’s a really important part of making that workplace more human.

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