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With Special Guest Dr. Pat Baccili

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Pat Baccili on my show Cultural Brilliance Radio. Dr. Pat Baccili is a leader in the field of human potential and the creator of the Transformation Network and soon-to-be launched “Positive Mojo Movement”. She is an international award-winning talk radio host, author, keynote speaker, certified career and belief coach. As the top host of the internationally acclaimed The Dr. Pat show – Talk Radio to Thrive By, the show reaches millions of people each year in this broadcast with a powerful life-changing message. It’s also been the number one positive talk show in Seattle for several years running. In 2010 Dr. Pat launched Transformation Talk Radio – a network to set the standard for a new mainstream talk radio platform featuring over 30 hosts. Dr. Pat has created a groundbreaking media coaching and radio mentoring program to support others that desire to create a powerful radio presence. With many other amazing projects on the horizon for 2018, her vision for creating positive messages in the world is only growing larger.  Below is an article written by the Conscious Business Radio team about the show.


Cultural Brilliance helps you experience groundbreaking ways to transform your company’s culture. Host Claudette Rowley invites some of the foremost experts on organizational culture to help understand how to make a brilliant culture the rule rather than the exception.

Today’s discussion starts with Dr. Pat explaining how she got where she is today. She says that a lot of people assume that she had a background in radio and broadcasting, but she didn’t. She had just finished 8 years of a doctoral program studying the consequences of broken promises. She had lost a job after working 24 years which led her to try and understand trust and betrayal. After finishing her doctoral degree, she thought she would get a nice consulting job, but by the nature of who she is, she couldn’t do it. One day, as she was sitting on the couch, she thought to herself “I got to bust through this crust” and thus, her idea of Crustbusting was born. She created a model of how to break through based on what she had researched. One day in the year 2003, she dialed the wrong phone number and ended up on the phone with a radio station. She ended up pulling out her credit card and buying air-time that very minute. This was the start of The Dr. Pat Show.

Dr. Pat continues to explain how the Transformation Network she built was formed. She explains that The Dr. Pat Show had grown to millions of visitors every day and their click-through rate was seven times the national average. One day, she wrote a check for $2200 to their sister network in Rhode Island and realized she needed a network of her own. She posted on a freelancer website looking for help, with qualifications including knowing how to set up a broadcasting network, knowing how to set up a database,knowing audio everything, and it needs to get done in a month. Within three months, the Transformation Network was set up with an entire database up and a running network with interns to work it.

Dr. Pat finished with the top three things every new leader should know. First, she says that is important to understand that you don’t know what you don’t know. Always anticipate that there are always more possibilities and better ways to do things.  Secondly, step into a leadership position with humility. You probably don’t know everything, but you can build a team that does. Lastly, Dr. Pat advisednew leaders to take risks and invest yourself into your ideas. Whatever direction you take your business, make sure you go forth with full force.


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