Explained in an interview on Cultural Brilliance Radio! How to Be a Corporate Rebel with Pim de Morree

Who is Pim de Morree?

Pim de Morree is co-founder of Corporate Rebels. The Corporate Rebels are on a mission to make work fun. They quit their frustrating, corporate jobs and set out to travel the globe to visit the world’s most inspiring organizations. They travel the world and learn from workplace pioneers by checking off their renowned Bucket List. They share their findings and everything they learn about the unique workplaces they visit on their blog, through talks and keynotes around the world, and by supporting organizations in their transformation. They’ve been featured in New York Times, Forbes, HuffPost, Guardian and BBC, and been nominated for Thinkers50 Breakthrough Award and listed as Top30 Emergent Management Thinkers.

Claudette:  Great to have you on the show. I’ve been looking forward to hearing about what you have been learning, but to bring listeners up to speed, do you mind sharing with us how the Corporate Rebels came to be? We know you quit your jobs, but there must be more of a back story to it.

Pim:  Yeah, so Yost, the other co-founder and I started Corporate Rebels two and a half years ago, and as you mentioned, it all came from the idea that we were quite frustrated with our corporate jobs. So, after we graduated from university we worked for two or three years in large corporate organizations and well, we liked the job that we were doing – the contents of the job itself – we didn’t really enjoy the way the organization was structured and how the organization was actually more of a barrier than an enabler to doing a good job. So, after two or three years we decided that this wasn’t going to be the thing we wanted to continue working in or the organization we wanted to continue working in, and at the same time we saw a lot of our friends and family members that had similar problems. Also that they were frustrated in the workplace and weren’t really enjoying it and the forty hours a week they spent at work. So, that’s more or less the way we got started, and then we took the crazy and back then what a lot of people said stupid decision to quit our jobs and to start travelling the world to visit these workplace pioneers.

What is The Bucket List?

Pim:  Over the past two and a half years, we’ve been travelling to over a hundred workplace pioneers, not just workplaces itself. When we started, we created a thing which we call our Bucket List and it’s a list nowadays of more than a hundred pioneers that we thought could teach us something about making work more fun, and these are well-known CEOs or entrepreneurs – like for example Richard Branson and other CEOs that you probably don’t know by name, but they’re CEOs of pretty well-known companies or they are organizations or these are academics that are studying in this field, and that could teach us some of the valuable lessons on what academics say about making work more fun or creating more engaging work environments. So, we put all those people on the lists and we simply said well, let’s visit them, let’s spend a couple days with these people in their organizations and let’s understand how they actually work differently, because most of the time you hear about these workplace stories and there’s a lot of interesting stuff that’s being mentioned, but you never really get to understand what they do differently.

So, that’s what we set out to do – to see what they really do differently in day-to-day activities to create more fun work environments.

Claudette:  I wanted to give you an opportunity to let listeners know how to learn more about your work. How can they find you? How can they get more information?

Pim:  It’s pretty easy – google Corporate Rebels or check out any social media, and the main resource actually is www.corporaterebels.com.  Our blog on these topics is published twice a week.

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