Unique to every organization, culture drives how we interact, how we communicate, and the ways in which we make decisions and solve problems. Each time we make a significant change in our organization, like a merger or acquisition, a new CEO, or a major restructuring, the culture is impacted. If we don’t successfully integrate the new culture at the time of the change, people fail to work together well and productivity can downward spiral.

Culture integration is the process of moving a culture from what it was to its new form so that the organization and its people continue to work at peak productivity, successfully meet their goals, and complete key strategic initiatives on time with less stress.

During this program, you’ll develop a plan of action to successfully tackle cultural obstacles and to capitalize on cultural strengths. You’ll learn how to prepare for, design, and influence cultural changes on your team, in your department, and throughout your organization.

During this presentation, participants will learn:

  • How to identify cultural drivers that will help you navigate change successfully.
  • How to assess your team, department or organizational culture and its impact on achieving your business objectives.
  • Key strategies and leverage points to influence cultural change
  • How to design and plan for cultural integration
  • A five step process for integrating cultural change and transitions