Claudette guided us through a very useful debrief from a survey that we all took to help us understand the characteristics of our organizational culture

and how it aligned (or didn’t) with our own perceptions. Claudette’s direction allowed us to take a step back from the bustle of the day to day work and to think about how our organizational culture affects our ability to carry out our mission, which became particularly useful during our annual strategic planning process. Claudette worked with us to tailor the sessions to our unique needs and helped us to analyze and to contextualize the results of the organizational culture assessment such that we could apply the findings in a practical way.

— University-based non-profit

“The coach I turn to for advice is Claudette Rowley.

From goal clarification to determining what is blocking me from getting at what I really want she is truly a trusted adviser! I began working with her at the end of graduate school, when the normal career development channels were leading me to ho-hum job choices. After our first session, I knew working with her was a good move, however, I did not realize the extent of the impact that this would have on my life! Without Claudette’s guiding insight about my talents, skills and background, my right fit career would have taken me decades to pursue.” -Abby Phelps, Deloitte

“Claudette was able to analyze our situation and gave us options for a solution that met our needs. During our team building process, Claudette’s ability to facilitate our management team interactions and evolving process of gained trust benefited us to the point at which meetings are engaging, more productive, and more results-oriented. Claudette exceeded our expectations. There’s no way we would be where we are today without her assistance. I highly recommend her services!” President Appli-tec, Inc.

“Claudette helped one of my teams and its leader understand

how to work together more productively. The team learned how to open up the lines of communication, put mechanisms in places for resolving conflict and develop a collaborative decision making process. The team has made positive strides toward rebuilding trust and functioning in a way that feels better to them and gets better results.”

– David Zlotnick
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Roger Williams University School of Law

Claudette presented “Unlock the Door to More Business Success: Increase your Self-Confidence and Assertiveness” to the Women’s Business Network of SE MA. Her presentation was extremely well thought out. It was informative, interactive and enjoyable. Many in our audience reported receiving valuable takeaways, such as my favorite, “Assertive communications promote fairness and equality in human interactions, based on a positive sense of respect for self and others.”
Susan Barron Finn, Digital Marketing Strategist
Claudette has a strong ability to generate new insights into the root causes of interpersonal/organizational issues – helping them get “unstuck”. She’s great at restoring momentum for leaders and companies.

We first began using Claudette Rowley as a coach early in 2008, and after five team-building sessions that year, I can honestly say that it is the best thing we have ever done for our office staff in terms of morale building and creating a culture that fosters effective communication, honesty and trust, and an openness to quickly address and resolve conflict as it arises. This has been accomplished by the new skills Claudette has taught the group, and it has spread beyond my expectations.

Claudette Rowley has been extremely helpful in providing consulting services to leaders with whom I work. She has worked with leaders in both individual and group coaching sessions. The feedback is always extremely positive! In one particular situation, Claudette was able to bridge a communication gap and working relationship that we were unable to address ourselves. By working with each leader individually and then holding group coaching sessions, Claudette was able to help these school leaders understand the other’s communication and working styles as well as ways to successfully work together. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

“In five months my life has transcended

into a level of self-actualization never achieved before thanks to Claudette Rowley. I was in need of guidance to figure out my true life passions. Claudette was able to see right through the ‘noise’ and help me realize my purpose in life. She asks the right questions and is not afraid of taking you places that you may be uncomfortable going. Before I knew it, I was working on my business plan for a project I’ve been procrastinating for years. If you are looking for your purpose or mission in life, Claudette will help you get there!” -Vice President, Financial Services

“Claudette has been an integral part of helping me begin moving my company’s regulatory compliance program from a top-down approach to one of inclusiveness, with strategic leadership by employees from across the company. Claudette’s continued insight into communication, culture, and human behavior, along with her personal authenticity, supported me significantly in developing a forward-thinking vision of how we as a company approach our compliance obligations. Her thought-provoking questions, encouragement, and continued focus allowed me to move from a compliance orientation to one in which compliance is a result of the way we do our work, and where our time is available for innovation, creativity, and resilience. Claudette is a great coach, leader, and meeting facilitator who would benefit any company seeking to improve its internal culture and to assess the impact of culture on successful.” – Chief Compliance Officer, Energy Company

“Claudette Rowley guided our school through the Cultural Brilliance System. Claudette’s performance was thorough, professional and excellent throughout. Her model helped our organization identify cultural strengths and address cultural weaknesses at a critical point in our rapid growth. Our organization has more than doubled in size in the past three years and is poised for continued growth at this accelerated rate. Thanks to Claudette’s expert guidance, timely consultations and flawless facilitation we now have a powerful internal roadmap to take us where we need to go. I recommend her highly to any organization experiencing rapid growth or major change. The feedback on Claudette from our leadership team and program participants was unanimous: she’s fantastic at what she does.” –Deirdre McEachern, Director of Seacoast Waldorf School

“It is difficult to describe the magnitude of Claudette’s help to me without delving into what sound like platitudes. So here’s the bottom line. Claudette helped me find a way out of living and working to meet the implied expectations of others. She challenged me to identify what I really wanted, and then define a way forward that was about my own considered choices. She helped me shed layers of guilt and self-doubt in order to travel lighter, better, happier.”
“Claudette Rowley is the most intuitive person I have ever met and helped me more than any other coach, mentor or friend has. She easily peered into the heart of my problems, but helped me to find the problem, and then the solution myself. She definitely wants to teach a client ‘how to fish’, rather than give ‘the fish’. I consider the sessions with Claudette as ‘audible gold’. I am a better person, father and husband, and businessman because of Claudette. Thank you!”

Jeff Moody , Physician Colorado
“The interactive workshop Claudette led for EF Explore America helped build our team environment and opened up communication between our sales and operations departments. Through hands-on exercises and thought provoking discussions, our staff came away with a better understanding of themselves and their colleagues. Our organization grew stronger and worked together more effectively as a result of the Myers Briggs workshop. And, to top it off, it was fun. Our staff is still talking about it a year later!”

“Every once in a while, you meet a very special person with a very special gift.

Claudette Rowley is that person, and intuition is that gift. I have been working with Claudette for months and her ability to harness her intuition and use it for good is nothing short of remarkable.

In a session with me two weeks ago, in just 50 minutes, Claudette helped me get my arms around a problem that has been plaguing me for ten years. I tell you with complete sincerity that I am walking taller, with a new sense of purpose and understanding about myself and others based on this session with Claudette.

If you want to understand more about yourself, determine your next steps, identify your purpose and mission in life, and learn how to harness YOUR intuition, call Claudette. You will be very, very happy you did!” -Michael Charest, Business Growth Solutions Speaker, Coach

“Claudette inspired and empowered me to see the big, bold world as my playground, my world of limitless possibilities. Bit by bit, we peeled away years of social conditioning (‘What makes you think you can do that?’) and cliches (‘Success comes through hard work alone.’) and replaced them with the sheer, indomitable belief that I can do what I choose and that I will only find true success and, more importantly, happiness by unleashing my authentic self and aligning all the pieces and parts of my life with my values. Thank you, Claudette!”

“Claudette went above and beyond in her work here at Roca. She was hired to teach a retail management course on site. Here at Roca, we work with young men 17-24 years old, who are gang, street and court involved, most have felonies and little to no work experience. Claudette came in with no hesitation and after only one meeting prior to the start of the course was able to hit the ground running. She garnered my respect with her professional behavior, her timely response, and her insight, and the respect of her students with her engaging teaching style and her honesty.
Claudette taught two sessions of the retail management course here at Roca, with a significantly higher success rate than we previously had. I would highly recommend Claudette Rowley. Her work with us at Roca has been nothing but exceptional.”

Educational Program Coordinator, Roca, Inc.

“Through our executive coaching sessions, Claudette Rowley

allowed me to envision alternate pathways in complex negotiations and offered me an organized methodology for achieving greater success in my career and personal life. Long after we ended our sessions, I still revisit her advice and use the tools she shared. This was a wise investment!” – Jennifer Seppa, Seppa Business Solutions

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