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An Emergence of Change

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Do you want to see a world based on love or fear? With love there is cooperation, community, solutions, and more equality. There is an emergence of change and understanding about what's going well, and what is not, so we can do something about it. The all new show by Claudette Rowley - The Brilliance Ultimatum: [...]

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Transform YOUR Company Culture – A Force for Good!

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Claudette Rowley host of Cultural Brilliance Radio interviews Jay Wilkinson, CEO of FireSpring Claudette:           Today I am thrilled to have Jay Wilkinson with us and he's going to be helping us learn more about: How you can take your organizational culture and really transform it into a force for good in the world. Claudette:           What is [...]

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How Does Change Affect Your Brain?

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Explained in an interview on Cultural Brilliance Radio! The Neuroscience of Change with Dr. David Krueger The concept of Mind Over Matter…. Claudette:           One of the concepts I was struck by in your presentation was the idea of mind over matter. Can you share more about that concept with us? David:                   Well there's so much of [...]

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The Reality of Change

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An Excerpt from Cultural Brilliance Radio – Interview with Julie Wilson, founder of the Institute for the Future of Learning   Claudette: We’re talking about the reality of change in organizations. So, what is the state of change you’re seeing right now? When you’re working with organizations and teams.   Julie: Well, the state of change [...]

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