Claudette Rowley

Claudette Rowley, Cultural Brilliance CEO, is a change management consultant, cultural designer, and executive coach. Claudette is passionate about helping leaders and organizations resolve complex organizational problems in ways that honor the intelligence of their cultural system and the brilliance of their people. She helps organizations create cultures that pro-actively adapt to change in ways that decrease stress, inspire learning, and promote organizational health.

For the almost 20 years, Claudette has consulted, trained and coached executive leaders and teams at Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, higher education, and start-ups to create a pro-active and innovative workplace culture that delivers outstanding results throughout all areas of an organization.

Claudette’s background includes experience working with technology companies such as Medtronic, Cell Signaling Technology, and Reveal Imaging, educational institutions such as Boston University School of Law and MIT, as well as non-profit organizations, and small businesses. In addition, Claudette leads systemic cultural transformations and coaches individuals and teams to manage conflict and communicate strategically in a wide range of complex situations such as systemic conflict, business partner and co-leader disputes, and disruptions resulting from rapid organizational or cultural changes. Since 1993, she has designed organizational programs that solve complex problems, receive high reviews, and create buy-in and engagement.

She is also an experienced practitioner in the Five Dysfunctions of Team methodology, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Synergist Quiz and Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument and a certified coach through the Coaches Training Institute. She is a certified partner for the CultureTalk Survey and holds a master’s degree from the University of Michigan.

Claudette is the creator of the Cultural Brilliance System™ and hosts a globally syndicated radio show. Claudette also teaches a course on culture and communication at Northeastern University and is the author of the Amazon best selling book Cultural Brilliance: The DNA of Organizational Excellence (2019).

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Julie Wilson

With over fifteen years experience as a change leadership consultant and coach, Julie has worked with a wide range of for profit and not-for-profit clients across the US and Europe. Her workplace skill building programs have helped thousands of employees and managers step into their potential as leaders and increase the creativity, collaboration and problem solving capabilities of their teams. Julie believes that change in an organization is a fundamentally human endeavor and her approach to change reflects that reality. As a learning and development consultant at Harvard University, Julie was the recipient of the ‘Harvard Hero’ award for outstanding contributions to the University.

She is the Founder of the Institute for the Future of Learning and an advisor to entrepreneurial students at Harvard’s Innovation Lab.

Julie graduated from Queen’s University, Belfast, with a degree in Business Administration and French and from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a Masters degree in Education, specializing in adult development, learning technology and behavioral change.


The CultureTalk Survey System provides an easy-to-understand framework to measure both organizational culture and individual personality within the proven and widely accepted structure of Archetypes. CultureTalk offers two assessment tools, along with coaching modules and facilitation materials to address strategic business drivers such as employment branding, leaderships development, employee engagement, retention and team collaboration.

CultureTalk is designed for those in leadership roles concerned with the measurement, management and impact of organizational culture and reputation, such as the CEO, CHRO and CMO.

The system is adopted by companies interested in cultivating cultures that align with their business goals and understanding the true impact they are making on employees and customers. It will enable users to monitor and enhance organizational culture in a highly effective way, leading to increased productivity, greater profits and more rapid realization of their mission and vision.

MetaView Consulting and Coaching

MetaView Consulting & Coaching is strategic partner with Cultural Brilliance™ on large cultural assessment and cultural change projects. MetaView partners with organizations and individuals to improve their ability to accomplish goals and help them adopt more effective ways to operate. These are results are accomplished via a combination of organizational and leadership development.  They diagnose, plan, and implement together with clients, building upon their wisdom and accelerating the eventual implementation. People tend to adopt new directions more quickly when involved in the design than if changes are simply suggested, or imposed on them.


Cultural Brilliance partners with Zeal to provide company leaders with a suite of employee check-in and measurement tools to provide consistent and accurate metrics of employee morale and company culture. Zeal is the only employee engagement product that focuses on making the employee experience easy and fast, so they can focus on their work!

Zeal conducts check-ins with employees at regular intervals and delivers data and analytics to talent managers and executives, providing the information they need to build an engaged workforce and positive company culture. You can find out more here:

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All employees do not feel they have a strong work culture 64%
All employees are not satisfied with their direct supervisor 49%
The global workforce is disengaged 87%
People voluntarily leaving jobs don’t quit their jobs; they quit their bosses 75%

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