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Claudette Rowley is a  thought-provoking, engaging speaker who can help you build an effective and innovative organizational culture in a highly competitive marketplace.

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Cultural Brilliance™: The DNA of Organizational Excellence

Simply put, Claudette orchestrates symphonies among a range of personalities.

An expert in creating brilliant organizational cultures and effective global teams, Claudette Rowley is a thought-provoking, engaging speaker. Her presentations focus on how authentic cultures, trust-based communication and responsive leadership create the opportunity for, and can drive, exceptional performance.

Claudette Rowley, Cultural Brilliance CEO, is a change management consultant, cultural designer, and executive coach. Claudette is passionate about helping leaders and organizations resolve complex organizational problems in ways that honor the intelligence of their cultural system and the brilliance of their people. She helps organizations create cultures that pro-actively adapt to change in ways that decrease stress, inspire learning, and promote organizational health.


  • When Cultures Collide: How to Build A Winning Culture After A Merger.
  • Assess Your Culture to Retrain Your Talent.
  • Cultures of Innovation: How to Create Build and Sustain Them.

Ready to illuminate the intrinsic value of your organization? You can work with us in these ways:

Cultural Strategy — This beginning to end service is your ticket to the fore-front of your industry. We work with you to understand your business objectives, vision for your company and how they relate to the people who make up your workforce. From there, we design, test and implement practices and procedures that build and strengthen a culture that supports your business and organizational needs.

Cultural Advisor — Have one of our Cultural Brilliance™ Consultants sit down with you and your executive team to talk about your vision for the business and the type of culture you need to succeed. As your external thought partner, we’ll give you an honest assessment of what we see from a culture perspective and action-oriented advice on how to best move forward.

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Full Descriptions of Speaking Topics
  • Cultural Brilliance™: The DNA of Organizational Excellence
  • Brilliant Communication: You Can’t Change What You Can’t Talk About
  • The Neuroscience of Brilliance: Exceptional Talent + Humane Values = Great Outcomes
  • Brilliant Leadership: 5 things you don’t know about yourself but wish you did
  • Cultures of  Innovation: Imagination is at least equally powerful to knowledge
  • When Cultures Collide: 5-Steps to creating a winning culture 
  • Cultural Intelligence (CIQ): The three keys to keeping top talent

Claudette Rowley Speaks on: What is Cultural Brilliance™?

Let’s See What People Say

Claudette has a strong ability to generate new insights into the root causes of interpersonal/organizational issues – helping them get “unstuck”. She’s great at restoring momentum for leaders and companies.
Matt Edison, President at Diamond-Roltran, LLC
Claudette presented “Unlock the Door to More Business Success: Increase your Self-Confidence and Assertiveness” to the Women’s Business Network of SE MA. Her presentation was extremely well thought out. It was informative, interactive and enjoyable. Many in our audience reported receiving valuable takeaways, such as my favorite, “Assertive communications promote fairness and equality in human interactions, based on a positive sense of respect for self and others.”
Susan Barron Finn, Digital Marketing Strategist
“Through our executive coaching sessions, Claudette Rowley allowed me to envision alternate pathways in complex negotiations and offered me an organized methodology for achieving greater success in my career and personal life. Long after we ended our sessions, I still revisit her advice and use the tools she shared. This was a wise investment!”
Jennifer Seppa , Seppa Business Solutions
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