I believe that humanity is at a crossroads. Every day we hear stories of division, of a loss of connection to human kindness, and of people treating each other as though they don’t matter. Every day we hear stories of loving action, of strangers reaching out to help each other, and of joy, kindness, and celebration. Every day we hear, read, and create both realities.

I created Cultural Brilliance because I believe the business world is uniquely positioned to help us choose the path of human connection, dignity, and abundance. This path doesn’t sacrifice profitability, revenue generation, or innovation. In fact, I believe that most businesses haven’t reached their full profit potential because they are out of alignment with their people, their values, and their culture. What we know from physics is that alignment matters. For example, the energy it takes to mistreat your employees in order to increase profits, far outweighs the energy it would take to generate more revenue by respecting your employees. As more businesses choose brilliance, dignity, and kindness, the effect will be cumulative, changing the tenor of how we handle business within our world.