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With Special Guest Mary Shores

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Shores on my show Cultural Brilliance Radio. Mary Shores is the founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar business, one of the most unique collection agencies in the country. Recognized as a leader of innovative thought, Mary has spent over a decade teaching businesses and individuals how to inspire others, create new ways of thinking, identify and achieve their goals, and take action to create truly meaningful results. She is the revolutionary founder of the groundbreaking Conscious Communications system, which produces positive results through positive action. Mary travels across the nation giving lectures and teaching courses, and has been featured on local and national radio and television shows, podcasts, and blogs.

Below is an article written by the Conscious Business Radio team about the show.

Cultural Brilliance helps you experience groundbreaking ways to transform your company’s culture. Host Claudette Rowley invites some of the foremost experts on organizational culture to help understand how to make a brilliant culture the rule rather than the exception.

Claudette had the opportunity to speak with Mary Shores, founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar business, founder of the Conscious Communications system, and award-winning author of the book Conscious Communications, a groundbreaking personal development book. In her book, Mary draws on her over ten of years of experience of personal development work and knowledge, she has created an easy-to-follow, step-by-step practice to transform each area of your life and your business. Mary has also transformed the lives of her employees and her customers alike through her “Words that Work” communication system, demonstrating that by retooling how we speak to ourselves, to our colleagues, and to our customers, we can re-envision our organized cultures. Recognized as a leader in innovative thought, Mary Shores is also an expert on teamwork and empowerment, leading to successful businesses and successful brands.

Today’s discussion starts with Mary’s inspiration for writing Conscious Communications. She says that the idea of writing it was a strong internal desire in her that felt “written on her soul”. Mary goes on to explain the concept of alignment, a concept she discusses in her book. She defines alignment as getting your thoughts, words, actions moving  in the same direction as  your dreams and desires  – everything you do, every word you speak, every action you take is aligned with what you want.

Next, Mary explains the “words that work” system that she developed, which eventually became the book Conscious Communications. This system is a customer service process  based on neurology, stemming from the idea of to eliminating any words that are going to trigger the nervous system into its fight-or-flight response. You then want to replace these “trigger” words that will elicit a parasympathetic response.

Discussing the transformation she has witnessed using her “words that work” system, Mary talks about how it has helped her personally in her dream of becoming a writer. She also says that using the system has changed her employee satisfaction and retention rate. Mary explains that traditionally, in her line of work – the collections industry – there is a high turnover, and often, not much success with attracting talent. By using the “words that work” system, Mary has been able to bring in top talent, increase  recruiting, and increase their revenue the first year alone by 33 percent. As Mary explains, the system is now beginning to transform her industry, Now the opportunity exists to not only impact her industry, but any industry with a customer service focus.

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