Cultural Authenticity™ honors people’s needs and people honor expectations of culture. This is a culture where people speak up and the culture listens and negotiates. Authenticity can also be called “The Consciousness of Culture.” There must be an inherent involvement of people at all levels of an organization, the idea of emergence, landscape and culture intelligence.

Cultural Authenticity™ determines cultural intelligence. Culture intelligence is the idea that culture and cultural systems innately have their own intelligence and if allowed to emerge would actually emerge functionally. In other words, the culture is the expert on itself.  There are several important questions to consider:

The What’s

What should a culture do to become more authentic, or to address a specific authenticity dilemma?
What does it mean for a culture to be “authentic”?

The Why’s

Why does it matter that a culture be authentic?
Why does it matter that a culture be authentic?

The Which’s

Which cultures are not being authentic, why, and what could they be doing to become more authentic?
Which cultures are being authentic, and what are they doing to pursue authenticity?