Three-Point Culture Health Check

Are you curious about culture’s health? Looking for leverage points for impactful improvement? Wondering why operations or innovation are bottlenecking and stress is increasing?

The Three-Point Culture Health Check is an effective way to explore the answers to these questions and more. Here’s how it works: We interview six people from your organization – two leaders at the executive level, two mid-level managers, and two people on the front line.

Based on our years of experience, we can quickly and accurately give you snapshot of your culture. We’ll specifically identify how your culture is both helping and hindering your company from functioning optimally in important areas.


Cultural Analysis

How does your cultural system functionally operate? What works and what doesn’t?

Our analysis gives you a snapshot of your culture – how it functions, how people’s behavior is driving results, and your leverage points for positive, energizing change.

Culture is not morale. It’s a predictor of your future – the culture you have today will shape your outcomes tomorrow. That’s because culture is a set of mindsets and behaviors that drive how well your organizational systems work. It turns out we can’t successfully change what we don’t fully understand. Let us help you understand how your company culture operates. We’ll develop strategic recommendations for realigning people and processes in your business.

Authenticity – The Heart of Culture!

“An organization is a living culture… that can adapt to the reality as fast as possible.” — Abdi Osman Jama

We implement the cultural integration strategy and deploy communication plans and feedback systems.

  • Who are the people in our organization?
  • Who do they want to become as a unified workforce?
  • What are the embedded operating assumptions in our organization?
  • Where is our culture out of integrity?
  • Where is what we say we do and what we do out of alignment?