Adaptogen Design™ – The Vision of Culture!

“Organizational culture defines a jointly shared description of an organization from within.” — Bruce Perron

Our Action Steps


You can intentionally design your organizational culture to increase the value of your business.

Once organizations become experts on their authenticity, we help them begin to design their culture.  In partnership, we design an experiential blueprint for both the essence and functionality of a brilliant culture.

We emphasize adaptogen design™ — creating organizational systems that pro-actively adapt to change in ways that decrease stress, inspire learning, and promote organizational health. Instead of responding to change from a state of resistance, stress, or fear, these cultures anticipate change, view it as normal, and recognize that all living entities thrive in a natural rhythm.

Case Study – Developing A Strategic Culture!

Organizational cultures evolve as adaptogens by sequencing six factors:

  • Cultural Intelligence – the ability to sense what’s happening inside the culture.

  • Trust Quotient – the level of trust that exists in the culture.

  • Cultural Landscape – the long view of the culture.

  • Truth – a willingness to tell the truth about the culture and everything inside it.

  • Contextual Mastery – each person understands how their brilliance contributes to solving problems.

  • Energy of Inspiration – when a culture redesigns itself as an adaptogen, it weaves a new level of inspiration into the culture that reenergizes its brilliance.

Adaptogen cultures

relieve the stress of chaos, stuckness, frustration, overwhelm, or lost productivity by proactively anticipating and recognizing what’s happening in the organizational ecosystem. In the adaptogen state, organizations recover faster and regain their energy in a new state of awareness, excellence, and inspiration. From an organizational perspective, an adaptogen design™ allows an organization to build up stores of strength, creativity, and resilience.

What do we mean by adaptogen?

An adaptogen is a natural substance used in herbal medicine to normalize and regulate the systems of the body. Adaptogens help organisms adapt to environmental factors and avoid damage from these factors. When we examine the origin of the word, we find the Greek adapto which means to adjust and the suffix gen which means producing.Adaptogens possess the properties of simultaneously adjusting and producing– an optimal combination for 21st century cultures.

When we design an adaptogen culture, we focus on:

  • How we move culture from its present to future state.
  • Empathically realizing intentions based on needs.
  • Allowing an organization to build up stores of strength, creativity, and resilience.