The 3 Phases of The Cultural Brilliance™ System

“We help organizations become CULTURE!experts on their own.” ~ Claudette Rowley

Through our three phase Cultural Brilliance System, we help organizations uncover their authentic culture, design an environment that pro-actively adapts to change, integrate positive, business-savvy changes.

Brilliant Organizational Culture Thrives in Truth!

A brilliant culture is an organizational system that proactively responds to change in ways that decrease stress, inspire learning, and promote organizational health.  People who work within these cultures are engaged and motivated to deliver innovative results on a consistent basis, something you’re going to need to stay ahead of a constantly changing marketplace.

“Cultural Brilliance offers us a new road map for inclusive, intentional change that’s driven, designed, and implemented by people at all levels of an organization. The Cultural Brilliance System allows the potential, invention, and intelligence of any workforce to emerge as it creates a culture that supports its growth and success.”
—Doug Kirkpatrick, keynote speaker, consultant, educator, and author of Beyond
Empowerment, TEDx


Start with authenticity.

Create a cultural safety zone that is direct, but non-judgmental. Look the elephant square in the eyes and make space for tough conversations and deep listening. You need to hear it all, especially what’s not being said.

Can you give a name to ‘what’s holding us back?’ Because there’s magic in that breakthrough. When you uncover the tangled root of cultural concern, you open new possibility.

Evolve in alignment.

Let nature be your role model. The world around us is always changing, guided by an innate intelligence, drawn towards balance. So too, culture evolves; trust the process and allow the inner brilliance to emerge.

Because when evolution is expected, people are poised to respond – and keep moving. ‘Adapting to change’ can be built into organizational design; the design can be adapted into the culture.

Integrate with awareness.

Let a new cultural consciousness lead the way. As you shift perceptions, you will ignite performance.

Transformation takes time, tenacity and trust. You’ll know you are on the right path as teams become energized around a shared vision, decreasing stress and inspiring learning.

Envision tomorrow.

In business, culture is the primary source of untapped potential and people are hungry for change. When we start to see human beings ­– not human capital –  we can unlock the energy of invention, fuel creativity and drive results. Together, we can build brilliant cultures.

And if we can change the culture of business, we can change the world.

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Consulting for Positive Transformation

OUR PROMISE: We align our work with your business strategy to determine what a high performance culture looks like for your organization and for your people . Our approach reveals an authentic depiction of “what is” as well as “what is to be”.


We align our work with your business strategy to determine what a high performance culture looks like for your organization and for your people. Our approach reveals an authentic depiction of “what is” as well as “what is to be”.

Imagine a culture that looks, sounds, and feels like this…

  • Respect, trust, truth, and psychological safety are the norm.

  • Change, competition, and threats are seen as an opportunity to pro-actively adapt from a position of strength, positivity, and resilience.

  • People understand how their culture guides their business.

  • Leaders lead with integrity, self-awareness, and authenticity.

  • Problems are viewed as opportunities for expansion.

  • People are tuned into the intelligence of the culture.

  • Productivity and innovation skyrocket as energy and inspiration spiral upward.

  • Conflict is recast as productive and necessary for growth.

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  • Brilliant cultures are responsive to the needs of their people, their systems, and the external environment.

  • Brilliant cultures reflect the intelligence, invention, and positivity of people.

  • Brilliant cultures harness the emotional intelligence of a company and organize it so that people work well together and get exceptional business results.

  • Brilliant cultures source brilliance internally before reaching to outside sources.

  • Brilliant cultures connect seemingly disparate people, ideas, and processes to create something new.

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