The question I was asked by Dr. Pat was “What is the problem that needs to be solved that I would enjoy helping solve?”

I’ve been consulting for 15 years, I’ve been coaching for 15 years, I worked internally before that so I have a wide range of experience of being inside organizations, outside organizations, working with lots of different cultures in lots of different fields. I noticed that it was often the culture that was really causing pain in organizations or if it wasn’t causing pain, it was holding the organization back from being as spectacular as it possibly could be and getting the best results it could be. That was something I really delved into: what is the different way to approach culture, and what is the different narrative around culture? That would open it up a little bit more so that organizations could begin to understand what is true and authentic about their cultures. Begin to understand they could actually design a culture that would support their growth and evolution and their people and begin to integrate that.

It’s opening up a different conversation and really different way of looking at culture and seeing what is possible there.

Where do we begin?

Fortunately, there are lots of difference places one could begin. But a couple of the key ones are getting clear and honest about what the actual conversations in your culture and your organization. What is being talked about? What is not being talk about that perhaps should be talked about?

Do people have deeper relational conversations where they are able to connect with each other and solve real problems, come up with solutions that work and to be creative together? Or, are their conversations just the generic, “Let’s sit down to a meeting and exchange for information,” or is it something more in between.

It’s about starting to understand your particular organization. What actually needs to be talked about? What are the conversations you need to be having and perhaps aren’t having? What are the ones you are having that are helping your culture and helping your organization? Starting to understand what is going on in your organization because you can’t change what you are not talking about.

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