Team Coaching

Do you want to improve your organization’s performance?

Claudette’s team coaching equips leaders and teams with relationship, communication and decision making skills they can use to influence the direction and outcome of organizational change and evolution.

Throughout the coaching process, she helps executives and teams to develop self-awareness, skills and strategies that are portable and flexible enough to apply to each new role, problem or organization they encounter. Claudette coaches teams to boost their working relationships by understanding how individual mindset and behavior impacts a team system. How this system operates influences a team’s ability to trust and discuss important topics, be consistently disciplined and achieve its strategic results.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is exceptionally beneficial when a team is:

  • Preparing for or navigating organizational change.
  • Learning when and how to collaborate.
  • Building relationships on new or virtual teams.
  • Increasing its capacity to surface important issues, collaborate and achieve strategic results.
  • Resolving active or long standing conflict.

Common results include:

  • Strong teams that work together well and make effective decisions.
  • Leaders and teams that learn how to use conflict to create better relationships and generate innovation.
  • Increased emotional and team intelligence.
  • Effective self and team discipline – a working knowledge of what, why and how a project needs to be accomplished.
  • Greater alignment with organizational goals, strategies and objectives.