Shift Your Focus

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Let Your Blind Spots Lead You to a Brilliant Culture

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Cultural Brilliance: The DNA of Organizational Excellence With Host Claudette Rowley – Transformation Talk Radio – Every 2nd & 4th Friday 10 AM (PT)/1 PM (ET) “Let Your Blind Spots Lead You to a Brilliant Culture” With Special Guest Rosemary Strunk I had the pleasure of interviewing Rosemary Strunk on my show Cultural Brilliance Radio. Rosemary [...]

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Slowing Down Helps Speed Up Your Organization

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  The following is an excerpt of an interview with organizational and communication strategist Laura Crandall. Here is what she has to say about slowing down to allow cultures of innovation to emerge and the pressure organizations feel to be in continuous innovation.   Leaders and organizations often feel: We have to innovate, we must be [...]

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Deep Listening And You

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In today's rapidly changing environment, leaders and organizations often take action quickly without engaging in thoughtful listening to themselves, each other and the cultural environment. Although it's counter-intuitive, the most pressing situations are the ones that require the deepest listening. One of the things that I noticed in my work is that we sometimes talk about [...]

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The Changes in Technology Explained By Minda Zetlin

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Minda Zetlin, business and technology writer and columnist at Inc. discusses the rapidly evolving landscapes of technology, work and business. Technology has become a lot more central to how people do things.  Now there’s this thing that a lot of people say, “Every company is a software company.”  That’s up for a lot of debate, but [...]

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Improving Company Culture With Vito Chesky

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An excerpt from Cultural Brilliance Radio: The DNA of Organizational Excellence- how to Avoid Chaos, Save your Company, and Improve your Culture with Guest Vito Chesky With Vito’s perspective on culture, he show us how to easily understand how we can create brilliant organizations and what holds us back from doing that.  Vito is the founder [...]

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The Reality of Change

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An Excerpt from Cultural Brilliance Radio – Interview with Julie Wilson, founder of the Institute for the Future of Learning   Claudette: We’re talking about the reality of change in organizations. So, what is the state of change you’re seeing right now? When you’re working with organizations and teams.   Julie: Well, the state of change [...]

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Strategic Decision Making Workshop

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What makes a conversation “difficult”? Often emotions are high, the topic is charged or there is a gap between what was agreed to and what occurred. When conducted effectively, these conversations can result in transformation, learning and professional development. Participants will learn how to conduct difficult conversations with insight, skill and confidence. During this presentation, participants [...]

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