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Deep Listening And You

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In today's rapidly changing environment, leaders and organizations often take action quickly without engaging in thoughtful listening to themselves, each other and the cultural environment. Although it's counter-intuitive, the most pressing situations are the ones that require the deepest listening. One of the things that I noticed in my work is that we sometimes talk about [...]

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Cultural Authenticity™

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Cultural Authenticity™ honors people's needs and people honor expectations of culture. This is a culture where people speak up and the culture listens and negotiates. Authenticity can also be called "The Consciousness of Culture." There must be an inherent involvement of people at all levels of an organization, the idea of emergence, landscape and culture intelligence. Cultural [...]

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Create a Successful Authentic Culture for Your Organization

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An excerpt from Cultural Brilliance™ Radio with Claudette Rowley & Dr. Pat Baccili - Create an Authentic Culture When we talk about a culture that’s brilliant, I like to think of it as an environment of self-awareness. People, the leaders, the employees, and everyone involved in the organization becomes an expert on the culture. When you [...]

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