Cultural Brilliance – Advisor

What would you change if you knew success was guaranteed?

Have one of our Cultural Brilliance consultants sit down with you and your executive team to talk about your vision for the business and the culture you need to succeed. As your external thought partner, we’ll give you an honest assessment of what we see from a cultural perspective and action-oriented advice on the best ways to move forward. Through a series of strategic conversations, we’ll help you design next steps to align your culture with your vision, strategies, and most important priorities.

At the advisory level, we serve as strategic partners, subject matter experts, and sounding boards. We assist you when:

  • Your company is scaling and you want your culture to follow suit.
  • You’ve hit operational bumps, and despite your best efforts, the bumps are turning into hills.
  • Your cultural systems need a reboot. You want to realign your culture with your direction, strategy, and objectives.
  • You’ve noticed that systems and processes that used to work are hitting regular snags.
  • Your company’s stress level is systemically too high.
  • You want to increase innovation and move from a reactive to a strategic culture.
  • You want to create a brilliant culture that proactively responds to change in ways that decrease stress, inspire learning, and promote organizational growth/health.