“I came to see, in my time at IBM, that culture isn’t just one aspect of the game, it is the game. In the end, an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value.”
— Lou Gerstner, former CEO of IBM

Cultural Brilliance™ Consulting Services

We help companies discover how their culture holds them back and how it moves them forward. We identify cultural bottlenecks, blocks, and breakdowns. Then we help you design the culture you need to grow, scale, or innovate.

We help you reveal and leverage the brilliance – the positivity, invention, and productivity – in your culture. Most companies leave cultural and human potential on the table, resulting in lost revenue, lost innovation, and lost talent.


You want large scale cultural change. You want to implement a cultural design that aligns with your strategic direction, brings out the best in your people, and productivity.


You want to ensure that your leaders are modeling, driving, empowering and building the culture you need to succeed. This is often a 3-6 month engagement with the brilliance team.


You want a thorough and thoughtful assessment of your business culture before you decide to initiate change. This is a one to two month program working with our Brilliance Facilitators.


You want a proactive team of professionals. You want consultants with decades of combined experience who will work to achieve a thriving environment for success.

Get the Excellence You Deserve

We design high trust, high performance cultures.

Imagine a culture that proactively responds to change in ways that decrease stress, inspire learning, and promote organizational health. Imagine employees who are engaged and motivated to deliver innovative results on a consistent basis.

Client Testimonials

Jennifer Seppa, Seppa Business Solutions

“Through our executive coaching sessions, Claudette Rowley allowed me to envision alternate pathways in complex negotiations and offered me an organized methodology for achieving greater success in my career and personal life. Long after we ended our sessions, I still revisit her advice and use the tools she shared. This was a wise investment!”

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Jeff Moody , Physician Colorado

“Claudette Rowley is the most intuitive person I have ever met and helped me more than any other coach, mentor or friend has. She easily peered into the heart of my problems, but helped me to find the problem, and then the solution myself. She definitely wants to teach a client ‘how to fish’, rather than give ‘the fish’. I consider the sessions with Claudette as ‘audible gold’. I am a better person, father and husband, and businessman because of Claudette. Thank you!”

Matt Edison, President at Diamond-Roltran, LLC

"Claudette has a strong ability to generate new insights into the root causes of interpersonal/organizational issues – helping them get 'unstuck.' She’s great at restoring momentum for leaders and companies."

Drew Lewis , Alexandria, Virginia

“It is difficult to describe the magnitude of Claudette’s help to me without delving into what sound like platitudes. So here’s the bottom line. Claudette helped me find a way out of living and working to meet the implied expectations of others. She challenged me to identify what I really wanted, and then define a way forward that was about my own considered choices. She helped me shed layers of guilt and self-doubt in order to travel lighter, better, happier.”


Cultural Brilliance helps organizations retain and increase their value as they merge, transform or scale. Working together, we unlock the energy of invention, fuel creativity, and drive results in your company. Don’t leave your greatest source of untapped potential – your culture – on the table.
Claudette Rowley – Bestselling Author, Cultural Brilliance – The DNA of Organizational Excellence

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Claudette Rowley is a provocative and empowering voice on business and innovation who has contributed to business excellence in a range of forums for over a dozen years. Learn about her new Cultural Brilliance seminar for your team, leadership and employees.

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Creating game-changing customer experiences via an innovative and brilliant culture which delivers excellence for the business, shareholders, employees and the wider community. Services include: Cultural Change, Brilliance Surveys, Team Development,  and more.

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Claudette is the author of several books including the bestseller, Cultural Brilliance: The DNA of Organizational Excellence. This renowned book offers organizations a detailed, step-by-step guide to intentionally assessing, designing, and integrating a brilliant culture.

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Cultural Brilliance Radio/Podcast is heard on over 100 venues. Claudette Rowley offers conversations that are transforming the world of culture and business. Innovative perspectives that push the boundaries of what organizational cultures can and should be.


“Cultural Brilliance is one of those rare books that stimulates the mind, inspires the heart, and offers tools for change. Claudette Rowley quickly gets to the heart of the matter: If you want a brilliant culture, you need to activate the greatness that’s inherent in every organization.”
—Barbara Huson (formerly Stanny), author of Secrets of Six-Figure Women

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Creating Organizational Change: The Focus of Brilliance!

Dynamic Actions and Amazing Results that allow you to design a culture of success.

We helped a utility company revitalize the innovation in its compliance culture, increasing productivity and solving long standing problems.

We helped a manufacturing company successfully scale by resolving chronic bottlenecks and realigning culture and organizational strategy.

  • What kind of behavior does your culture promote?

  • In what ways are organizational culture and employee behavior out of sync in your company?

  • What do you need to stop doing?

  • And what’s the new you want to create?

  • How can you refresh, rejuvenate and re-energize yourself and your organization?

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  • Authenticity
  • Adaptogen Design
  • Aware Integration

Get the Excellence you deserve – Imagine a culture that proactively responds to change in ways that decrease stress, inspire learning, and promote organizational health. Imagine employees who are engaged and motivated to deliver innovative results on a consistent basis. This isn’t a fantasy; it’s attainable. It’s what’s at the heart of a brilliant culture, and it’s what you need to stay ahead of an always-in-flux marketplace.

Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Seminar Leader

Claudette Rowley, Cultural Brilliance CEO, is a culture design consultant with a knack for building strategic plans that boost business performance and increase employee engagement at the same time. She is a thought-provoking, engaging speaker who can help you build an effective and innovative organizational culture in a highly competitive marketplace. With 20 years of experience, her perspective on how to organize people around a shared goal clarifies how authentic cultures, trust-based communication and responsive leadership create the opportunity for, and can drive, exceptional performance.

Speaking Topics

  • Cultural Brilliance™
    The DNA of Organizational Excellence
  • Brilliant Communication
    You Can’t Change What You Can’t Talk About

  • Cultures of Innovation
    How to Create, Build and Sustain Them

  • Brilliant Leadership
    5 Things You Don’t Know About Yourself
    But Wish You Did

  • The Neuroscience of Brilliance
    How To Ensure Exceptional Outcomes

  • When Cultures Collide 5 Steps To Creating A Winning Culture After A Merger

Claudette Rowley

The Voice of Brilliance in Organizations and Life!

Daily Actions and Life Changing Outcomes that empower you to design a life of success.

  • Claudette Rowley is the creator of the Cultural Brilliance
    ™ Methodology, author of Embrace Your Brilliance and co-host of the globally syndicated radio show, Cultural Brilliance™.

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By definition, brilliant cultures are organizational systems that proactively respond to change in ways that decrease stress, inspire learning, and promote organizational health.

Through this ranking and reflecting assessment, you’ll get a better sense of how close your culture is to harnessing its brilliance—the potential, invention, and productivity that’s possible in your business. As you appraise each section of the “pie,” determine how much or little of each cultural aspect is present in your company.

THE CULTURAL BRILLIANCE™ ASSESSMENT GUIDE OFFERS THREE OPTIONS for taking an in-house look at your cultural system: the Cultural Brilliance Risk Analysis, the Cultural Brilliance Assessment Wheel, and the Cultural 360 Process.



  • BEFORE YOU START, IT’S IMPORTANT to establish your Cultural Safety Zone™.


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