Cultural Brilliance: The DNA of Organizational Excellence

Why do some organizations always seem to thrive and others don’t? The culturally brilliant organizations are the ones that have engaged, productive and innovative employees at all levels and consistently outpace the competition in market leadership.


A great organization doesn’t happen on its own, it must have cultivated from the top down.

Culturally Brilliant organizations start by being in tune with each level of the organization. Employees and leaders alike become experts on their culture and create a roadmap for excellence that is unique to their organization.

  • Decode your cultural DNA identify a critical stage on the path to excellence.
  • Not one or the other but both. Align culture and strategy without hesitation.
  • Silence is Not Golden – Valuing ALL voices connectively, virtually, and vibrantly.

No matter what kind of organization you have, you must create a culture of brilliance if you are going to thrive in these challenging times.