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How unified is your

cultural authenticity

In an authentic culture,

people’s needs are respected and in return people honor the expectations of the culture. In an authentic culture, when people speak up, the culture listens and negotiates.

What culture would skyrocket your growth?

Cultural Design

You can intentionally design…

your organizational culture to increase the value of your business.

Are you consistently achieving superior results?

Cultural Integration

Where the rubber meets the road!

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” – Peter Drucker

be brilliant.

An exceptional culture can be consciously designed and intentionally integrated.


Start with authenticity.

Create a cultural safety zone that is direct, but non-judgmental. Look the elephant square in the eyes and make space for tough conversations and deep listening. You need to hear it all, especially what’s not being said.

Can you give a name to ‘what’s holding us back?’ Because there’s magic in that breakthrough. When you uncover the tangled root of cultural concern, you open new possibility.

Evolve in alignment.

Let nature be your role model. The world around us is always changing, guided by an innate intelligence, drawn towards balance. So too, culture evolves; trust the process and allow the inner brilliance to emerge.

Because when evolution is expected, people are poised to respond – and keep moving. ‘Adapting to change’ can be built into organizational design; the design can be adapted into the culture.

Integrate with awareness.

Let a new cultural consciousness lead the way. As you shift perceptions, you will ignite performance.

Transformation takes time, tenacity and trust. You’ll know you are on the right path as teams become energized around a shared vision, decreasing stress and inspiring learning.

Envision tomorrow.

In business, culture is the primary source of untapped potential and people are hungry for change. When we start to see human beings ­– not human capital –  we can unlock the energy of invention, fuel creativity and drive results. Together, we can build brilliant cultures.

And if we can change the culture of business, we can change the world.


Cultural Brilliance Belief Statements

We believe:

  1. Culture is a primary source of untapped business potential.
  2. Brilliant cultures ignite invention, fuel creativity and drive results.
  3. In looking the elephant square in the eyes.
  4. The cultural safety zone is direct, but non-judgmental.
  5. When evolution is expected, people are poised to respond.
  6. In giving a name to ‘what’s holding us back.’
  7. Culture can be consciously designed and intentionally integrated.
  8. To change the culture, you need work within the system.
  9. In the innate energy, intelligence and evolution of culture.
  10. As you shift perception, you shift performance.
  11. Visions should make you sweat.
  12. Transformation takes tenacity, time and trust.
  13. We are human beings, not human capital.
  14. Intelligent ecosystems are ethically, collectively and financially brilliant.
  15. If we can change the culture of business, we can change the world.

The 3 Phases of The Cultural Brilliance™ System

We help organizations become experts on their own CULTURE!  Through our three phase Cultural Brilliance System, we help organizations uncover their authentic culture, design an environment that pro-actively adapts to change, integrate positive, business-savvy changes.

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