Cultural Design™ – The Vision of Culture!

“Organizational culture defines a jointly shared description of an organization from within.” — Bruce Perron

What culture would support your company’s success?

Our Action Steps


You can intentionally design your organizational culture to increase the value of your business.

Once organizations become experts on their authenticity, we help them begin to design their culture.  In partnership, we design an experiential blueprint for both the essence and functionality of a brilliant culture.

We emphasize empathic design — understanding deeply what people and organizations need to be respectful and successful, and then designing based on what’s discovered.  And that’s the beauty of empathic design: Through the process of observation, interpretation and data capture, we can get to the heart of the matter.

Case Study – Developing A Strategic Culture!
Developing A Strategic Culture
  • We architect how the new culture will expressed in the areas of, for example, communication, values, leadership impact, trust building, environment, and business outcomes.
  • We design how the culture will move from what it was to a new form.
  • With feedback from all levels of organization, we determine what you will functionally keep in your culture and what you intentionally change.
  • Then we design and align the implementation of new aspect of the culture. Starting with one department or team, we will test our cultural design
  • From there we will leverage our insights and start to design the introduction of the new culture throughout your workforce.
What’s Culture?