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Cultural Authenticity™ – The Heart of Culture!

“An organization is a living culture… that can adapt to the reality as fast as possible.” — Abdi Osman Jama

Do you want to improve your organization’s performance?

We implement the cultural integration strategy and deploy communication plans and feedback systems.


In an authentic culture, people’s needs are respected and in return people honor the expectations of the culture. In an authentic culture, when people speak up, the culture listens and negotiates.

Authenticity is the process of aligning an organization’s observable and hidden norms. Often in organizations, we focus on what we can observe about a culture – focusing on the tip of the iceberg and forgetting to look beneath the water to unspoken and embedded operating assumptions, beliefs and expectations.

In order to create an authentic culture, it’s important to generate an awareness of:

  • Who are the people in our organization?
  • Who do they want to become as a unified workforce?
  • What are the embedded operating assumptions in our organization?
  • Where is our culture out of integrity?
  • Where is what we say we do and what we do out of alignment? 

Steps for Getting Started

The place to start is with a cultural analysis – because it’s difficult to know where you’re going if you don’t know where you are. Our cultural analysis combines discussion, observation, and large group activities at every level of your company to produce an analysis of the culture you currently have and how that culture supports achieving your most important business objectives.

We develop a model or map of your current culture, its strengths, and anticipated problems as well as initial suggestions for improvement.

When companies want to transition their culture, a cultural analysis sheds light on the key people dynamics that make operational functioning less effective, aligned and productive. Rather than taking a band aid approach to cultural transition, we look beneath the surface and the symptoms to assist organizations to understand what works and doesn’t work in their culture and WHY.  We work to develop insight into how cultural drivers and constraints shape the larger organizational system.