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How unified is your

cultural authenticity

In an authentic culture,

people’s needs are respected and in return people honor the expectations of the culture. In an authentic culture, when people speak up, the culture listens and negotiates.

What culture would skyrocket your growth?

Cultural Design

You can intentionally design…

your organizational culture to increase the value of your business.

Are you consistently achieving superior results?

Cultural Integration

Where the rubber meets the road!

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” – Peter Drucker

Cultural Brilliance Model - Adaptogen Design

We help organizations become experts on their own culture.  Through our three phase Cultural Brilliance™ methodology – Cultural Authenticity™, Adapotogen Design™ and Cultural Integration™, we help organizations uncover their authentic culture, design an environment that aligns with their most important strategic goals, and integrate positive culture changes.

A brilliant culture is highly performing. It’s responsive to the needs of its people, its systems and the external environment. A brilliant culture consciously designs an ecosystem that ethically, collectively and financially successful – and it shines in each aspect of your business.

We align our work with your business strategy to determine what a high performance culture looks like for your organization and for your people . Our approach reveals an authentic depiction of “what is” as well as “what is to be”.


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