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Executive Coaching

Learn how to guide others…from VISION to EXECUTION.

Claudette’s executive coaching engagements begin by thoroughly understanding a leader’s goals, the organization’s objectives and what matters most to them. She coaches leaders to develop skills and behaviors that promote exemplary leadership, professional relationships that work, and the achievement of optimal strategic results. We explore the mindsets, habits and perspectives driving a leader’s behavior, choices and decisions, harness leadership strengths and address performance issues, and modify behaviors that derail career and organizational progress.  In addition, Claudette helps leaders embody their leadership role during change, and uncover unused potential and remove roadblocks to optimal performance.

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Common Results Include:

  • Clarity on new ideas, strategies and plans with an objective sounding board.
  • Learning how to say what needs to be said.
  • Leadership that motivates, engages and develops top talent.
  • Becoming a culturally brilliant leader.
  • Communication style and strategies that get results and build successful relationships
  • Clear understanding of how to lead change from vision to execution.
  • Greater alignment with organizational goals, strategies and objectives.

Leadership Achievement

As a leader, if you could achieve one goal or seize one opportunity this year, what would it be?

The Leadership Mindset

And perhaps, more importantly, who would you need to be? What mindset would you need to adopt to prioritize this goal or opportunity?