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New Narrative on Culture

Let's Shine Together

Imagine a culture that looks, sounds, and feels like this:

Envision a culture that brings out the brilliance in people and is reflected in their strategy, problem solving, and contribution to the greater good.
  • Respect, trust, truth, and psychological safety are the norm
  • Conflict is recast as productive and necessary for growth
  • Problems are viewed as opportunities for expansion
  • People understand how their culture guides their business
  • People are tuned into the intelligence of the culture
  • Leaders lead with integrity, self-awareness, and authenticity
  • Productivity and innovation skyrocket as energy and inspiration spiral upward
  • Change, competition, and threats are seen as an opportunity to pro-actively adapt from a position of strength, positivity, and resilience.
Let's Shine Together

Now imagine that’s your culture.

I believe in brilliant cultures. I believe that not only are they possible, they are necessary. Brilliant cultures lift people up. They adapt in a conscious state of change, are incisive, and make business-savvy decisions. Responsive to the needs of their people, systems, and the external environment, brilliant cultures recognize that if you don’t get culture right and you don’t get people right, you get very little right.

Brilliant cultures:

  • are responsive to the needs of their people, their systems, and the external environment.
  • reflect the intelligence, invention, and positivity of people
  • harness the emotional intelligence of a company and organize it so that people work well together and get exceptional business results.
  • source brilliance internally before reaching to outside sources. They connect seemingly disparate people, ideas, and processes to create something new.

Why do we need brilliant cultures?

I believe that humanity is at a crossroads. Every day we hear stories of division, of a loss of connection to human kindness, and of people treating each other as though they don’t matter. Every day we hear stories of loving action, of strangers reaching out to help each other, and of joy, kindness, and celebration. Every day we hear, read, and create both realities.

I created Cultural Brilliance because I believe the business world is uniquely positioned to help us choose the path of human connection, dignity, and abundance. This path doesn’t sacrifice profitability, revenue generation, or innovation. In fact, I believe that most businesses haven’t reached their full profit potential because they are out of alignment with their people, their values, and their culture. What we know from physics is that alignment matters. For example, the energy it takes to mistreat your employees in order to increase profits, far outweighs the energy it would take to generate more revenue by respecting your employees. As more businesses choose brilliance, dignity, and kindness, the effect will be cumulative, changing the tenor of how we handle business within our world.

“We help organizations become experts on their own culture.”

Claudette Rowley

Through our three phase methodology – Cultural Authenticity™, Cultural Design™ and Cultural Integration™, we help organizations uncover their authentic culture, design an environment that aligns with their most important strategic goals, and integrate positive culture changes.
We align our work with your business strategy to determine what a high performance culture looks like for your organization and for your people . Our approach reveals an authentic depiction of “what is” as well as “what is to be”.

“The coach I turn to for advice is Claudette Rowley. From goal clarification to determining what is blocking me from getting at what I really want she is truly a trusted adviser! I began working with her at the end of graduate school, when the normal career development channels were leading me to ho-hum job choices. After our first session, I knew working with her was a good move, however, I did not realize the extent of the impact that this would have on my life! Without Claudette’s guiding insight about my talents, skills and background, my right fit career would have taken me decades to pursue.”

Abby Phelps

This beginning to end service is your ticket to the fore-front of your industry. We work with you to understand your business objectives, vision for your company and how they relate to the people who make up your workforce. From there, we design, test and implement practices and procedures that build and strengthen a culture that supports your business and organizational needs.
There’s no doubt that organizational changes can lead to challenges, frustrations and decreased productivity. At the same time, each change an organization faces provides an opportunity for growing its people, structures, and systems. When organizations guide their people through the process of change with understanding, clear communication and a willingness to handle the unexpected, the results can be extremely positive.
Let's Shine Together

Your culture is key to sustaining profits and advancing your market position in the global marketplace.

Give your organization a competitive advantage, build a brilliant culture.

A brilliant culture is a culture that’s responsive to the needs of its people, its systems and the external environment. People who work within these cultures are engaged and motivated to deliver innovative results on a consistent basis, something you’re going to need to stay ahead of a constantly changing marketplace.

Cultural Brilliance™ is a cultural design firm that helps executives and investors retain and increase the value of their organizations’ while they merge, transform and scale.

We partner with you to design and integrate a cultural strategy into your organization that improves the health and well-being of your employees and your bottom line profit margins at the same time.

Let's Shine Together
Cultural Brilliance Model

“There must be an inherent involvement of people at all levels of an organization, the idea of emergence, landscape and culture intelligence.” – Claudette Rowley

Cultural Brilliance

“A brilliant culture consciously designs an ecosystem that is ethically, collectively and financially successful.” – Claudette Rowley

Cultural Brilliance Leadership

“You can intentionally design your organizational culture to increase the value of your business.” – Claudette Rowley

The Cultural Brilliance™ Focus is Expansive and Accelerated!